Rules and Dress Code

During its 30+ years of existence the MBI’s reputation has always been excellent and will continue to be zealously guarded.

  • Unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated by anyone at any time and will result in that person being removed from invitation lists;
  • The Committee reserves the right to remove a name from the regular invitation list if it believes that the attendance of any person is against the best interests of the MBI;
  • Invitees are reminded that a certain standard of dress is essential. Jeans, shorts, polo shirts, sports footwear, etc are not acceptable;
  • All attendants must pay for the luncheon, regardless of the state of their appetites or time of arrival;
  • Please try to bring the exact amount of change for paying to help the treasurer.
  • When the speaker is on the floor, please give him or her the respect they deserve. Do not talk to your neighbour, interrupt the speaker and make sure all mobile phones are turned off;
  • Please be punctual. Arriving late is a discourtesy to your fellow guests;
  • The all-in price includes drinks at the bar, to include soft drinks, wine and beer. All other drinks may be charged extra at the restaurant’s discretion;
  • Lady guests should be independently engaged in a bona-fide business activity. This does not include merely working in the same company or being an employee of a male attendee.