Aims & Objectives

  • To establish, maintain and conduct an organisation for the interaction of persons interested and actively involved in business in Marbella specifically and the Costa del Sol generally;
  • To arrange and organise the delivery of papers, lectures, seminars and talks of all aspects of business, law and administration, and other subjects of general interest to members;
  • To establish the importance of the foreign business community in the area;
  • To foment relations with local and regional authorities, financial institutions, and foreign entities, etc;
  • To create a forum where English-speaking business people can exchange ideas;
  • To encourage connections between this business community and Spanish business on a local, regional and national level;
  • To resolve where viable problems arising through bureaucratic difficulties, government controls and changes in legislation that may affect the Community.
  • To safeguard the reputation of the foreign business community in general, and of those concerned with the MBI in particular;
  • To make donations to local charities and to encourage associates to support such charities through their businesses.